B-Link Pharma

For almost a decade, B-Link Pharma has been a dynamically developing wholesale distributor of medicines and medicinal products. During all these years the company has been experiencing a consistent growth, improving its principles of management, and in pursuing its objectives, it has gained a strategic position on the Lithuanian market.

Currently the company is cooperating with over 200 customers and suppliers in the Baltic States, Europe, Asia, and the US.

To operate on a global scale, the reputation of the brand becomes increasingly important; therefore, in pursue of its strategic goals, the company relies on its insights, competence and business ethics. B-Link Pharma services are of the highest standards of expertise complying with the stringent requirements of the GDP policies and other effective legislation. Being strict to ourselves and our partners, we have committed to a continuous improvement of the quality management system pursuant to Standard LST EN ISO 9001:2015.

The company is a holder of a number of necessary certificates and licences granting the right to render the services and operate in accordance with the commitments made. You may find the list of our certificates and licences here.

The strength of B-Link Pharma lies in its loyal team oriented towards long-term goals. They are true experts engaged in their work responsibly with strict adherence to Standards  ISO9000 and GDP for medicines.

Our team speaks a universal language of respect, consistency, and problem-solving.